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Body Image


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your body? Kevin and Kim talk about their numbers and want you to as well. Plus, tons of shout-outs, new music and legit adds and plugs. Kevin also has an update on progress with Out of the Shadows.   And as always Kim’s Commuter Corner and Kevin has a dramatic Husband Hunting Update (how shocking). Also, have you seen the miniature goat sleeping in the hammock?


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Out of the Shadows

ThinkFollowing the huge response we received from our addiction episode, Kevin, with people much much smarter than he, has decided to put together a community organization dedicated to stemming the effects of opiate addiction in Bellevue, Ohio.  Out of the Shadows will aim to provide awareness, treatment, and community support around addiction.  Visit the facebook page, click like, and shoot him a message if you would like to be involved.  Thanks Knowledge Bombers!






Kevin’s father is not dead and Kim still has asthma. Then, an intimate interview with a very special guest.  We dive in to a personal experience with opiate addiction, a topic that we feel passionate about.  Like our Mental Health Episode we believe this topic is rarely discussed, which is part of the problem.  Kim brings astonishing, heart-breaking facts, and Kevin tries to get at the heart of the matter.

Plus, Kevin has some confusing news in his Husband Hunting Update, and Kim is dropping some slippery conditions in her Commuter Corner.

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Welcome to the Kevin and Kim Show!  We are two adorable Ohioans publishing a podcast each week where we like to learn and laugh, and drop a few knowledge bombs here and there.

Kevin specializes in being exhausted and has a lot of experience in complaining through humor.  Kim is an expert in highways and, while seemingly always on the verge of succumbing to disease, knows how to keep things positive despite Kevin’s objections.

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With Appreciation

ThinkHello Friends and Listeners!  Kevin here.  As we move towards our 5th episode I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support.  And while I’m careful to not speak on Kim’s behalf (she may have something to share here later), I know she feels deeply thankful as well.  She just happens to have a real job with real responsibility and MIGHT not have the time to play on WordPress in the middle of a work day.

We started this little project last Fall as a creative outlet for the both of us. We wanted to express ourselves, learn about ourselves, learn about the world around us and, most importantly, drop and pick up a few knowledge bombs.  We are having an absolute blast doing it, and we seem a bit shocked at times seeing others enjoying our nonsense as much as we do.

We are approaching 200 downloads in the first few days after launch.  This makes our hearts sing.  Thank you.

One other thing, if you haven’t tried Canned Collard Greens by Janice yet, you MUST, it will change your life.

And finally, feel free as a little bird to comment, rant, and rave all over this site.  It will give us all a chance to share away from Facebook a bit.  We won’t get mad or delete your comment, unless you call one of us fat.  Then we will be super pissed.

See you next week!