Welcome to the Kevin and Kim Show!  We are two adorable Ohioans publishing a podcast each week where we like to learn and laugh, and drop a few knowledge bombs here and there.

Kevin specializes in being exhausted and has a lot of experience in complaining through humor.  Kim is an expert in highways and, while seemingly always on the verge of succumbing to disease, knows how to keep things positive despite Kevin’s objections.

If you listen to an episode and think it’s worth a dollar (literally a dollar!) you can support us here.

You can find us on iTunes by searching “Kevin and Kim”or click here to browse our episodes.

Join the conversation by emailing us at kevinandkimshow@gmail.com and be sure to check out our blog  and favorites where we post all the yummy stuff we weren’t able to cram in to an episode.



6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. A topic to possibly consider: body positivity and how it affects women and gay men (and everyone else, but mostly focusing on those two groups, specifically).


  2. Great comment Sam! Something I am always reflecting on in my alone time, pinching my fat rolls and generally feeling how much I am affected by gravity – this is not positive. How can we become more positive about our own bodies/skin/etc? Something Kevin and I will delve into I am sure – thanks again – Kim


  3. Love, Love Loooooove the show! Thought provoking topics and honest commentary. ‘Tis a beautiful thang. Although, I’m starting to wonder If Kim needs to live in a bubble to avoid the various ailments. Call me, I got a bubble guy. I would also enjoy bowling with the Vietnamese Kevin, a childhood dream so also call worthy. Keep up the great Pod.


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