With Appreciation

ThinkHello Friends and Listeners!  Kevin here.  As we move towards our 5th episode I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support.  And while I’m careful to not speak on Kim’s behalf (she may have something to share here later), I know she feels deeply thankful as well.  She just happens to have a real job with real responsibility and MIGHT not have the time to play on WordPress in the middle of a work day.

We started this little project last Fall as a creative outlet for the both of us. We wanted to express ourselves, learn about ourselves, learn about the world around us and, most importantly, drop and pick up a few knowledge bombs.  We are having an absolute blast doing it, and we seem a bit shocked at times seeing others enjoying our nonsense as much as we do.

We are approaching 200 downloads in the first few days after launch.  This makes our hearts sing.  Thank you.

One other thing, if you haven’t tried Canned Collard Greens by Janice yet, you MUST, it will change your life.

And finally, feel free as a little bird to comment, rant, and rave all over this site.  It will give us all a chance to share away from Facebook a bit.  We won’t get mad or delete your comment, unless you call one of us fat.  Then we will be super pissed.

See you next week!


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