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We’re Back!

KandKPIC1Heyo Knowledge Bombers!  This morning we passed 2,000 downloads!!

SO, here is how we are thanking you:  You wanted better sound – we got new boom mics and pop filters.  You wanted real commercials – we got our first sponsor.  You wanted more structure – Kevin is attempting to go off the rails SLIGHTLY less than usual.  You wanted a better schedule – we are now releasing episodes by every Friday.  You wanted more listener interaction – we are adding a mixing board that will allow us to call and record with anyone, anywhere, any time.

In other words, shit is getting real.

We will be back in the studio TONIGHT after a very productive hiatus to test all our new toys, so tune in this week to hear the new and improved Kevin and Kim Show!

Thank you all for your support, and PLEASE continue sharing the show on social media, sending us your critiques, and rating us in iTunes.

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cropped-kevin-and-kim2.pngThis week, Kevin and Kim dive in to the risk and joy of adventure.  Kim takes us on a journey through the Spanish county side and meets a cat, and Kevin nearly ends up in a Laotion prison.  But what about internal adventure, and why is it important?  And what does adventure really mean to you? Plus, Buck weighs in, Kim has a revelation, and Kevin discovers Vietnamese people don’t like raw fish.


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cropped-kevin-and-kim.pngKevin and Kim cross over to the dark side and talk about how they experience fear.  They attempt to answer what they are most afraid of while trying to avoid nihilism and an existential crisis.  Listen to see if they succeed.  Also, the Buck-o-Meter, did Hillary Clinton really win by a coin toss, and you’re totally wrong about the intro music.  Plus, Kim get’s mad about pot holes and, did Kevin really just say this is the last of the Husband Hunting Updates?

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The Iowa Caucuses

cropped-kevin-and-kim.pngThis week, all things politics! Kevin and Kim speak freely about their support behind a particular 2016 presidential candidate.  They get a little rambunctious knocking on the other side of their aisle, and try to figure out what a caucus actually is. We have a little ‘Who Said It?’ with Donald Trump and Mr. Burns, and why Ted Cruz makes us feel dirty. Plus, a recap thanks to a dedicated listener from last week’s episode, Body Image, and Kevin tries to stay positive about Kim’s new Minecraft hobby (and fails miserably).

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Calm yourselves!

ThinkDid you wake up this morning in a fury because the latest episode from The Kevin and Kim Show was not released as usual?  Well, so did we.

We are fixing a very small technical difficulty and this week’s episode will be released this evening.

If 1 day late is as upsetting to you as it is to us, we recommend you watch this tiny donkey sleeping in a hammock.



Dearest Knowledge Bombers,

At midnight last night we passed one thousand! Just a month ago we remember being overjoyed because we had 50 people listening. Thank you so much to all of our listeners for your support, feedback, and critiques.


I think it’s time we ask you for something:  If you listen to an episode and like it, SHARE IT.  Share it on Facebook and Twitter.  Send a coworker our website or iTunes link.  Tell a friend you heard something funny on our show, or you were struck by our Addiction or Cults episode.  The more listeners we gain, the harder we work!

In return, we absolutely promise to listen to the feedback we receive through this website or We will continue giving you what you want.  The more we do this the more we realize it really is about connecting with you, and we will do our best to do exactly that (except Kevin, he still kind of thinks it’s all about him but he’s working on that).

Our sincerest gratitude for allowing us to go on this creative journey together,

Kevin and Kim


The Iowa Caucuses are Here!

ThinkKevin and Kim just recorded last night all about the Iowa caucuses during the Iowa caucuses.  It was a high energy session full of knowledge bombs.  We blabbered on about all things political, and Kim taught me how to not get a speeding ticket.  Kim is working hard on edits and it should be out released Wednesday night as usual (yes, Buck, we got your 17 messages telling us to stay on schedule.  Guess what?  It worked).


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