Dearest Knowledge Bombers,

At midnight last night we passed one thousand! Just a month ago we remember being overjoyed because we had 50 people listening. Thank you so much to all of our listeners for your support, feedback, and critiques.


I think it’s time we ask you for something:  If you listen to an episode and like it, SHARE IT.  Share it on Facebook and Twitter.  Send a coworker our website or iTunes link.  Tell a friend you heard something funny on our show, or you were struck by our Addiction or Cults episode.  The more listeners we gain, the harder we work!

In return, we absolutely promise to listen to the feedback we receive through this website or We will continue giving you what you want.  The more we do this the more we realize it really is about connecting with you, and we will do our best to do exactly that (except Kevin, he still kind of thinks it’s all about him but he’s working on that).

Our sincerest gratitude for allowing us to go on this creative journey together,

Kevin and Kim


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