Sharing is Caring

ThinkKevin and Kim have been working harder than ever at improving the quality of content and sound on the show.  Now, we call on you, our dearest friends, to HELP!  While we have been asking you to support our goals financially in obtaining better equipment, what our hearts really desire is you helping us get our name out there.

Do you like our show?  Share it!  Do you hate our show but think someone else might like it?  Share it!  Did we mention your name or business on the air? Thank us by sharing it!  Do you agree that there should be more poo talk instead of less?  Show your poo passion by SHARING IT!

You can share the very post that got you here on Facebook with one simple click. And copy and paste the links below in to your twitter feed, Facebook page, or blog.  Or write the links down on a postcard and drop it in your neighbor’s mailbox!  Forward our email address to that weird friend in Alaska whose favorite hobbies are chopping wood and listening to podcasts from Ohio!  Whatever you do, show you care – share.

Follow us on Twitter: @KevinKimShow

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