So Much Social Media

cropped-kevin-and-kim2.pngBillions of people use social media every day, and we bet you’re no exception.  This week, Kevin and Kim dive in to Social Media and how we are all feeling more isolated while trying to connect.  And, as always, we take a dive down the rabbit hole.  This time, hook up apps – Social Media’s naughty stepchild.  Plus, Kim goes to Boston to ride horses in the sea while playing with jelly fish, and Kevin paints the town red (he tried pink but the guys didn’t like it).  Also, Kim saves more lives in this week’s Commuter Corner, and it sounds like Kevin is about to get a little more serious in his Husband Hunting Update.  Rate and Share! Find us at to learn about all things K&K.

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This episode is sponsored by MCP Financial and America Walks by TrialX.

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