ThinkIt’s the number of times our show has been listened to.

We know, we can’t believe it either.

In November 2015 we decided to put together a project that would give us a platform to express ourselves creatively.  Humor and learning are important to us, and we needed a bit more of both in our lives. Over time Kim came up with the idea for a podcast where we would be free to create, laugh, and learn through conversation.  It would be for us, and about us.  So, we busted out our phones (that’s literally all we had then!) and started recording – we had no idea what we were getting in to, and we loved it.

When we chose to publish some of the work a couple months later we were ecstatic that we had 5 regular listeners.  A few weeks later that number jumped to 20, then 50. We lost our minds when it hit 100, and then it tripled.  We started getting a little more serious, trying to find ways to still have fun while putting out higher-quality material.  We adjusted our format, got some equipment, and Kim began putting some serious time in to editing.

Thanks to you telling your friends about us and sharing our show all over social media, hundreds of people are listening weekly with thousands more dropping by to enjoy an episode.  Our minds…blown…again.

So, we are once again stepping it up!  We want to thank you for your support, and the best way we can do that is by responding to your feedback and requests.  So, read on Dearest Knowledge Bombers, because we are listening!

  • Running Time: You asked if we could shorten our episodes a bit so you can listen to the whole thing at once without getting too restless.  Well, guess what?  We think less is more, too, so…Check!
  • Advertising: You asked for either REAL advertisements from our sponsors during the breaks, or nothing at all.  No Problem! Check, check, and done!
  • Episodes: You asked for specific topics to be covered, and we are working on that now.  Gender is coming up, as is race, conspiracy theories, and death. Done, check, done!
  • Format: You have written lovely emails over and over asking us to focus on our chemistry, and our own personal stories.  So, we threw out some of the rambling and we are keeping it focused on what you have told us you love best.  Guess what?  We love it best, too!  Check!
  • Quality over Quantity: Yep, we got it!  We were pushing out too much material in too short time.  So, expect slightly fewer episodes each month that are, simply, better.  Done, check check, done!
  • Less Poo Talk: We thought about this one, and you’re totally wrong.  We love you, but we have decided creative integrity is most important.  And, obvi, creative integrity means gas, bowels, stomach pain, and toilets.
  • Guests: You want guests, and we agree!  We are working on obtaining the equipment needed to bring guests on for special topics, as well as to call guests on-the-air.  If we were rich, this would already be happening.  But, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Half-check?
  • Donations: You asked if we could have a simple donation button on our website and Facebook page where you have the option of donating as much, or as little, as you want instead of subscribing.  Done!

All of this is to show our appreciate beyond a simple “Thank You.”  This show is no longer just about us and for us, and we are going to remember that every time we record (accept for the poo parts, that will always be about us).

As always, keep the feedback, questions, and comments coming by writing us: kevinandkimshow@gmail.com

We will be back next week with the first of a two-part series on Gender, plus other weird stuff.

Keep listening, and keep sharing!


Kevin & Kim

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