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Breaky Break

Kevin and Kim

Dearest listeners, we are back…but the best is yet to come. Kevin and Kim are still working on a super boost to the show but couldn’t stand not recording for so long. We meandered, coughed a ton on air, caught up, told some jokes and got deep in the last 10 minutes talking about the darkness in us all and why society is not in complete chaos. Duterte and the 2nd amendment both make cameos.

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We took a moment to talk about, and reflect on, the massacre in Orlando.

This episode is as unedited and raw as we could make it, and it’s as honest as we could get in the moment.

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So Much Social Media

cropped-kevin-and-kim2.pngBillions of people use social media every day, and we bet you’re no exception.  This week, Kevin and Kim dive in to Social Media and how we are all feeling more isolated while trying to connect.  And, as always, we take a dive down the rabbit hole.  This time, hook up apps – Social Media’s naughty stepchild.  Plus, Kim goes to Boston to ride horses in the sea while playing with jelly fish, and Kevin paints the town red (he tried pink but the guys didn’t like it).  Also, Kim saves more lives in this week’s Commuter Corner, and it sounds like Kevin is about to get a little more serious in his Husband Hunting Update.  Rate and Share! Find us at to learn about all things K&K.

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This episode is sponsored by MCP Financial and America Walks by TrialX.



Dearest Knowledge Bombers,

At midnight last night we passed one thousand! Just a month ago we remember being overjoyed because we had 50 people listening. Thank you so much to all of our listeners for your support, feedback, and critiques.


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Our sincerest gratitude for allowing us to go on this creative journey together,

Kevin and Kim


The Iowa Caucuses are Here!

ThinkKevin and Kim just recorded last night all about the Iowa caucuses during the Iowa caucuses.  It was a high energy session full of knowledge bombs.  We blabbered on about all things political, and Kim taught me how to not get a speeding ticket.  Kim is working hard on edits and it should be out released Wednesday night as usual (yes, Buck, we got your 17 messages telling us to stay on schedule.  Guess what?  It worked).


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Body Image


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your body? Kevin and Kim talk about their numbers and want you to as well. Plus, tons of shout-outs, new music and legit adds and plugs. Kevin also has an update on progress with Out of the Shadows.   And as always Kim’s Commuter Corner and Kevin has a dramatic Husband Hunting Update (how shocking). Also, have you seen the miniature goat sleeping in the hammock?


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Out of the Shadows

ThinkFollowing the huge response we received from our addiction episode, Kevin, with people much much smarter than he, has decided to put together a community organization dedicated to stemming the effects of opiate addiction in Bellevue, Ohio.  Out of the Shadows will aim to provide awareness, treatment, and community support around addiction.  Visit the facebook page, click like, and shoot him a message if you would like to be involved.  Thanks Knowledge Bombers!




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